Best Motorway Alternatives for 2024

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Unlike many other places where you can sell your car online, Motorway is a fairly recent option that has emerged within the last few years.

Despite being young, Motorway has quickly become one of the best and most used places for UK residents to sell their cars online

Motorway does things a bit differently compared to the other popular options. Instead of buying your car directly, Motorway lists the vehicle for auction, where partner dealerships bid on the car within the platform. 

This approach allows sellers to get an excellent price for their car, as there is more competition for your car, especially if a bidding war breaks out for your vehicle. 

That said, as you must put your car on for a 24-hour auction, selling your vehicle with Motorway can take longer than some alternatives. Plus, it may also be more hassle for some people, as you need to make a profile for your car before selling it. 

If there are aspects of Motorway that you don’t like, you’re lucky that there are many other options to sell your car online. The industry is thriving, with there being many places where you can reliability sell and get a valuation for your vehicle

Here’s a look at some of the top options for selling your car if you don’t want to do it through Motorway.

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Cazoo mainly functions as a car-buying website, where you can buy from their catalogue of over 7000 used cars. However, Cazoo can also be a great place to sell your car in addition to this service. Unlike Motorway, Cazoo buys your vehicle directly, allowing them to offer a fast and effective alternative to Motorway. 

If you’re unhappy with your offer from Motorway, getting a quote from Cazoo is something you should consider, as you may get a higher price from them without having to go through the fuss. 

The selling process is drastically different from Motorway. Although it starts the same way by asking for your car’s registration number, instead of giving you an instant valuation after that, Cazoo asks you more questions to understand your car’s condition better

This questionnaire is an excellent feature from Cazoo, as obtaining all this extra detail can allow them to offer an accurate valuation that represents your vehicle’s genuine condition. This approach means that your valuation is more likely to be honoured when you sell the car and is much more reliable than other options. 

This questionnaire will ask for details such as the car’s mileage, service history, and a lot more, but it should only take a few minutes at most to complete. Once this section is completed, you also need to rank the condition of your car. 

When ranking your car’s condition, Cazoo will provide a scale from ‘Poor’ to ‘Like New’ for you to choose from. To help you pick the right one, the platform offers a lot of information about what makes a car a certain rank, ensuring that you don’t make any mistakes when uploading your car’s details.

After this stage, you’ll finally see your car’s valuation. Once gotten, this valuation will be valid for seven days, meaning that you’ll be able to spend a week looking for better offers and fall back on this offer if you don’t find anything. This price is set in stone, so don’t expect to be able to negotiate and haggle for a better price.

Although the valuation process with Cazoo can be long, the selling process beyond this stage is pretty swift. As you’re selling directly to Cazoo, there’s no need to create a profile for your car, which you need to do when using Motorway. 

Instead, you only need to book a handover date and time. You can either drive the car to one of their customer centres or opt for home pick-up, although this will cost you around £150. The vehicle will be inspected and evaluated during the handover to check if it’s as described. When given the green light, you’ll be paid directly for the car, with the money going straight to your bank account.

If there are any issues with your car that weren’t disclosed online, you should expect a lower offer; however, Cazoo staff are not allowed to haggle unless there is a clear issue with the vehicle.

When comparing the prices you can get for the exact same car, Cazoo offers less than what your car is valued on Motorway. However, unlike Motorway, Cazoo isn’t using any assumptions to get that value. This means that the offer is unlike to drop during your final inspection. With Motorway, you’ll find that many of the offers you get from dealerships will be less than your initial valuation, meaning that the prices offered are pretty similar.

Cazoo compared to Motorway Pros and Cons



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Motorpoint has the unique selling point of being a car-selling service that offers nearly-new used cars. This means that all the vehicles you can buy from them are either under four years old or have less than 30,000 on the clock. This is great for those looking to buy cars, but Motorpoint is also an excellent alternative for those looking to sell cars too.

Thankfully, you don’t need to sell nearly new cars to Motorpoint, as they buy all types of vehicles, meaning that they can be a valuable location to sell a car regardless of vehicle type. 

It only takes a few seconds to start your valuation with Motorpoint. All you need to do is enter your car’s registration plate and mileage to the nearest 1000. The site will then use this information to generate a rough price of what the car is worth. 

However, you won’t get your valuation immediately, as you’ll also need to add more details about the car’s condition, history, and more. Doing this allows Motorpoint to give you a more accurate and considered valuation based on facts, not assumptions. 

Like Cazoo, you’re asked to rate the condition of your car, but this time from ‘Below Average’ to ‘Excellent’. You’re given a guide of what makes a car each rank; just be aware that the standards for each grade may differ from other car-selling websites. 

Once you’ve filled in these details and accurately ranked your car’s condition, you’ll get your valuation. This valuation lasts for a whopping 14 days, giving you a lot of time to search around and find a better price. In fact, this valuation guarantee is the longest period out of all the Motorway alternatives, which helps make Motorpoint one of the best options. 

When comparing the offer from Motorpoint with Motorway for the exact vehicle, you’ll get a very close price. However, because this price is affected by modifications and facts about your car, you’re more likely to get a final price that’s closer to your Motorpoint valuation than you are your Motorway one. 

To continue the process of selling your car on Motorpoint, you need to create an account. Once done, you can choose when to drop your vehicle off for handover.

Unlike Motorway, you can’t have a buyer collect your vehicle from home. Instead, you need to travel to one of their 19 UK locations. As there are only 19 available, it can mean that some people will have to travel a long way depending on where they live. 

However, once there, the handover is very quick and you’ll get your money within an hour, making Motorpoint a very effective alternative to

Motorpoint compared to Motorway Pros and Cons