Best Used Hybrid Cars Under £10,000 in 2023

Find the best used hybrid cars you can buy under £10,000 in the UK.

In the UK, how we will be motoring in the future is set to change dramatically. From 2030, buying new diesel or petrol cars will be outlawed. Drivers can only purchase electric or hybrid vehicles if they’re looking to buy new ones. 

Of course, this change will help make driving more environmentally friendly and reduce the pollution our vehicles produce. As a result of this impending rule change, many drivers have been encouraged to get ahead of the curve and swap to hybrid or electric cars. 

In fact, hybrid cars are on the rise and are quickly becoming a far more popular fuel type for cars. Plus, many manufacturers have doubled down on hybrid vehicles, meaning that there are now many fantastic options for consumers. 

The most significant issue people have with hybrid cars is that they’re seen to be expensive to buy, even on the second-hand market. To help you keep costs down, here’s a list of the best hybrid cars you can buy for under £10,000. 

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What is a hybrid car?

Before jumping in and listing our picks for the best hybrid cars, it’s essential to understand what a hybrid vehicle is to ensure that it’s the right one for you.

A hybrid car is a vehicle that has more than one means of propulsion, meaning that it typically has an engine as well as an electric motor. A hybrid will use both of these methods to give you better mileage and reduce your CO2 emissions, making your car cleaner to drive. 

With a hybrid, you usually won’t be able to plug the vehicle to charge it as you would a fully electric vehicle. Instead, the battery is charged through braking as well as through the engine.

For many, hybrid cars provide the best of both worlds, as they’re energy efficient and good for the environment, yet they still have the power and responsiveness that a typical petrol or diesel car will have. This makes them a great option for all types of drivers.

10 Best hybrid cars under £10,000 in 2023

Brand Model Price
Suzuki Swift £7,999 - £11,999
Dacia Sandero £6,990 - £9,990
Suzuki Ignis £7,500 - £11,590
Toyota Yaris £7,895 - £12,000
Honda Insight £3,500 - £7,500
Toyota Prius £5,990 - £9,990
Lexus CT £8,000 - £11,000
Peugeot 508 £6,490 - £10,490
Ford Mondeo £7,995 - £11,995
Mercedes-Benz E-class £7,290-£9,670

Suzuki Swift

Found online for £7,999 – £11,999.

suzuki swift

The Suzuki Swift is one of the most popular hybrid cars, especially for those looking for a more compact and easy-to-manoeuvre vehicle. Its size makes it perfect for working professionals living in the city, and the fact that it’s hybrid makes it great for those regularly entering ULEZ areas

The Swift has excellent fuel efficiency, helped by the electrical assistance that the car uses; however you can find a few other hybrids that can go further off a single tank. It’s also an efficient car, as, despite its compact cabin size, it’s a tall car, meaning that there’s a good amount of headroom for tall passengers and drivers. This is especially true for more recent models. 

The biggest issue with the Suzuki Swift is that it is on the pricey side, and although there are options available under £10,000 if you want one that’s no older than three years old, you may have to pay a bit more. That said, even the older iterations that fit within the budget are great options, and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a trendy car, so you’ll likely find a competitive second-hand market for this vehicle. 

If you require finance, you can also get this vehicle on the likes of Cazoo, with the website having multiple options.

Suzuki Swift Pros and Cons



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Dacia Sandero

Found online for £6,990 – £9,990.

New Dacia Sandero Stepway Bi-Fuel-6

For many people, not many other small cars provide as good value as the Dacio Sandero. It has a great price point, even when you buy it new, and it offers many great features and a quality driving experience. 

The brand Dacia is a Romanian company owned by Renault, and because of that, this car shares many specifications with its parent brand. It has a good suspension that gives you a nice smooth ride and has a good amount of power. 

The Dacia Sandero is only a mild-hybrid vehicle. This means it can’t run on electric power alone, which many hybrid cars can do. Despite this, the Dacia Sandero will still help with fuel economy and reduce your CO2 output. In fact, a hybrid Dacia Sandero will cut your fueling costs in half compared to a petrol version. 

Due to its low initial price, you’ll likely be able to find multiple Dacia Sanderos for under £10,000, making it an excellent option for those looking for a budget hybrid. It’s a reliable vehicle, although there’s nothing special about the car that makes it spectacular. It’s a car that’s good at many things but, at the same time, fails to excel in various categories. 

The car’s biggest letdown is that it lacks many safety features, meaning that the driver and any passengers won’t be that well protected if you’re in a collision.

Dacia Sandero Pros and Cons



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Suzuki Ignis

Found online for £7,500 – £11,590.

Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki has focused on producing great hybrid cars, which is reflected in how the manufacturer has two different models in this list. If the Swift is for those who need something more compact and nippy for city driving, the Ignis is a bit bulkier and is instead intended to be practical and suit families more. That said, the car still ranks as one of the smallest SUVs on the market, meaning it’s still very manoeuvrable. 

Despite its reduced size compared to other SUVs, the car can still comfortably fit four people and still boasts a good amount of legroom and boot space. The Ignis is a simple car in that it only has one engine type for its three different trim levels. This is a 82bhp 1.2-litre petrol engine that uses mild-hybrid technology to help you go further with each full tank. 

Despite a relatively small engine, the electric motor assist makes the car feel that it has power, especially when driving at low speeds. It moves from a standstill at a good pace and is said to be more responsive than other SUVs. 

That said, although it can get to speed quickly, it takes a while for the car to come to a complete halt, with its stopping distance from 70mph being 8.3m slower than other SUVs. 

Suzuki Ignis Pros and Cons



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Toyota Yaris

Found online from £7,895 – £12,000.