The best UK car valuation services in 2024

The ultimate guide to the best car valuation services.

How to Get an Accurate Car Valuation

When getting your car or a vehicle that you’re looking to buy evaluated, it’s important that you get an accurate valuation. Valuations are used to help buyers and sellers figure out how much a car is worth, meaning that an inaccurate valuation can cause issues and problems. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of places where you can get a reasonable and well-informed valuation for your vehicle. Here’s some insight on how to get an accurate car valuation and the best sources to get your car valued online in 2024. If you need to find out more data about specific vehicles, such as their MOT or tax status, you can find all this out with our tools on Car Adviser

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What is a car valuation?

A car valuation estimates how much a particular car is worth. Each car will have its guide price, which can let buyers and sellers know roughly how much a car should be sold for, which helps regulate the market. 

Online, many different tools can help you get an accurate valuation. These tools use various factors about your car and search different car information databases to provide you with a price range that the searched car is worth. 

Depending on the quality of the tool, each valuation might be a bit different from the other simply because of a few factors. This includes the database it uses to get its prices and the information the tool knows about the searched car.  

A valuation you get from an online valuation tool isn’t a defined price, and if you want, you can sell your car for more or less than this. However, these valuations are good guides to let you know what kind of values are accurate and what you should expect to get or have to pay for a certain vehicle.

Why is a car valuation important?

When trying to sell your car, knowing how much it’s worth can help you be better prepared to get the best price for it. If you haven’t an accurate idea of how much your car is worth, you may sell it for too little, resulting in you losing money. Plus, not having a good idea of what your vehicle is worth can also mean that you may be asking too much for it, resulting in you being unable to sell the car. 

By getting a valuation, you’ll be able to know how much to advertise your car for and also understand what offers you should ignore and what you should consider. When accurately priced, cars will usually sell faster, and buyers will also be more confident in you. 

Knowing the value of a car can also help when buying a car too, as it will prevent you from getting into any bad deals and can also make you far more confident. A car’s value is just another piece of helpful information that can help you with negotiations and haggling to get the best deal possible.

What can affect a car's valuation?

Many different things can impact the valuation of a car, and it’s this stuff that you’ll need to consider when trying to get an accurate valuation for your vehicle. If a tool provides a valuation without considering or asking for information about the following, it’s likely that the tool may not be as accurate as you’d like. Here are some of the top things that can impact the value of a car. 

Things that can increase the car’s value include: 

  • Modifications – If you’ve made changes to your car that upgrade its performance and appearance, or if they provide any extra features, then this can help improve the value of your vehicle. Things like adding alloy wheels and a multimedia system that isn’t included in the base model are common modifications that boost the value of your car. 
  • Full-service history – If your car has a complete record of all the services that it’s had, it can end up being worth more than one with gaps in its past. 
  • The colour – Some colours are more desired than others. If your car has a colour that is sought after, then it can be worth more. Standard colours that sell well include red, white, black, and grey. Unique colours can potentially boost prices, but only for the right buyer. 
  • No damage – If your car is free of damage and if it’s in good condition for its age, then the valuation of a car can be increased. Do note that most valuation tools base their valuation on your vehicle being in good condition, so they may not be accurate if your car has any dents or scratches. 

Things that can decrease the value of a ca include: 

  • Signs of wear and tear – If your car has significant damages, then the value of your vehicle will likely decrease. Most tools will assume that there are minor issues, such as a stain on a seat or a small scratch, when doing their valuations, so if you have more than this, your car will be worth less than what’s stated. 
  • Broken parts – If your car’s features aren’t working optimally, such as a faulty aircon or your windows don’t wind up or down, then that will significantly impact the price you can get for your car. 
  • Previous owners – Typically, if a car has had a lot of different owners for its age, then it won’t be worth as much as a car with a single past owner. 
  • Gaps in service history – if you own a car with inconsistent service history, meaning that it hasn’t been serviced every year, the vehicle will likely have a reduced value. In addition to that, if the car currently doesn’t have a valid MOT certificate, then it may also not be worth as much as it should

Best Car Valuation Services

There are many tools and websites online where you can get your car evaluated. That said, many of them don’t offer the best accuracy and could give you a valuation that isn’t close t the true valuation of your car. This is because many valuation tools will check your car’s registration and use that information to give you a rough estimate. 

In truth, various factors can dictate how much your car is worth, and only the best valuation tools can use these factors to give you a reasonable, accurate valuation. Plus, when getting your vehicle evaluated, you want to use a knowledgeable source in the know. That’s why the best valuation tools are usually part of a wider website that deals in some way with the auto industry. A business that buys and sells cars will have a much better understanding of a car’s value than a different kind of business, which is why we at Car Adviser recommend using those websites. 

Below are some of the best car valuation providers online. Although most of these can be trusted, we recommend using a handful of different valuations to ensure that there’s not too much deviation between the providers. By collecting a lot of valuations, you can use that data to work out an accurate range of where your vehicle falls into. 

When reviewing these providers, we ran a valuation on a test vehicle to see how much the valuations differ on each platform. For reference, our test car is a 2013 plate Ford Fiesta with 60,000 miles and is in a like-new condition.

The following represents the cream of the crop regarding car valuations. 

ExchangeMyCar car valuation