Best Caravan and Motorhome Breakdown Cover in 2023

To help you better understand the market and figure out the best option for you, this article will compare the best caravan and motorhome breakdown cover providers in the UK for 2023.

When you get breakdown cover, you’d like to expect that any vehicle you drive is covered and eligible for repair and assistance. Although most providers include things such as motorbikes and vans, getting cover for a motorhome or caravan can be a bit more complicated. 

Some providers will cover these larger vehicles as standard, whereas others will have dedicated plans for you to take out. This can make comparing and finding the best breakdown cover for your mobile homes difficult. 

Furthermore, because repairing and getting assistance for a caravan and motorhome needs different skills, providers with a good quality of service with car breakdown cover may not be the best for caravans and motorhomes.

In this guide

Caravan and Motorhome breakdown cover prices compared

To best see which providers offer the best value for money when it comes to motorhome breakdown cover, it can be helpful to see the prices of each company side-by-side. 

This table will look at the prices of the top 5 providers in the UK, comparing the costs for their basic level caravan breakdown cover and their most comprehensive level of cover. This allows you to see the price ranges of each provider to help you decide which one looks to be the best value for money. 

If a provider does not offer separate caravan breakdown cover and instead includes this service as part of their main services, then this will be indicated with an asterisk by the price. 


Basic Level Price

Top Level Price

Motorhome included?

The AA







Yes – Extra £10

QDOS Breakdown




GEM Motoring Assist



Yes – Size Restrictions Apply

Green Flag 




All prices are for personal cover and are for illustrative purposes only. The prices offered to you may differ.

Does breakdown cover include caravans and motorhomes?

What’s included in your breakdown cover plan will depend on your provider, as some will include cover for caravans and motorhomes. In contrast, others will need you to take out a separate policy to protect these larger vehicles. 

Out of the five reviewed in this article, only RAC requires you to take out a separate policy to cover your motorhomes, and you also can’t get cover for both on one plan. This can put them at a disadvantage against the other providers. Although, when you get this dedicated policy, there are no restrictions, which you’re likely to come up against with other providers. 

Many of the best breakdown cover providers have maximum size limits that your vehicle or caravan can be for it to be eligible for roadside assistance and further cover. It’s important to be aware of these dimensions so that you can see if your caravan or motorhome fits when you get cover. 

Typically, motorhomes are not included by many breakdown cover providers because they are too large. 

What should caravan and motorhome breakdown cover include?

When getting breakdown cover for your motorhome, you need to ensure that the policy includes all the services and features you’ll get when getting cover for your car. There shouldn’t be any differences or anything left out. 

This means that if you get a standard level of cover for your caravan, you should be entitled to roadside assistance. This is where a mechanic will come to your location to fix your vehicle at the roadside. When getting breakdown cover for your caravan, you should be able to get roadside assistance for both your caravan and the car that’s towing it if that’s where the fault is. 

In addition to this base tier of cover, you should also be able to add all the other levels of cover to your policy for your caravan and motorhome. This means that as well as roadside assistance, you should at least have the option to include home start services, national recovery, and onward travel. 

Home start services are where you’ll be able to get a mechanic to your home to fix your caravan there. This isn’t an option if you just get roadside assistance. 

National recovery is where you can get your caravan or motorhome towed or transported to any location in the UK. 

Onward journey is where you’ll be given a replacement vehicle to continue your journey if the car towing your motorhome breaks down. You’re also entitled to accommodation and public transport if that’s more appropriate for your situation.


Caravan and motorhome breakdown cover is not included in the standard breakdown policies you can get for your car when you get covert with RAC. Instead, you’ll have to get separate policies for your motor vehicles. 

Annoyingly, you also can’t get cover for a caravan and a motorhome together, meaning that if you have both, you will need to take out two different policies, which can be very expensive. 

When selecting the vehicle you want to cover, you can select the cover level that you want and then add on additional features such as tyre replacement. 

Although being a bit frustrating in that you’ll need to get a separate policy, it does mean that these policies are more focused on caravans, meaning that there are fewer restrictions and size limits. This means that the cover offered by RAC may be one of the best for caravan owners who want a dedicated and bespoke breakdown cover. 

Trustpilot rating: 4.3 out of 5

Average wait time: 50 minutes

Repairs success rate: 4 out of 5 vehicles repaired at roadside

Customer score

Based on over 84,000 reviews.

QDOS Breakdown

QDOS offers breakdown cover for caravans as standard. So when you get personal cover with them, you’ll be able to get support if you break down when driving a caravan or when you’re towing one. Whether it’s your car that’s towing a caravan or the caravan itself that needs repair, you’ll be able to get the help you need. 

QDOS does not offer breakdown cover for motorhomes. This is because the majority of them are too big. 

QDOS only covers vehicles that are 5.5 meters long, 3 meters high, and 2.3 meters wide – including the mirrors. They also have a weight limit of 3.5 tonnes, meaning that most motorhomes are far too big and heavy to be considered for cover. 

In addition, when getting cover for a caravan, you need to ensure that it’s under a certain age too. QDOS Breakdown only covers vehicles less than 16 years old and under 9 years for their annual UK and European policies. 

Trustpilot rating: 4.3 out of 5

Average wait time: 1 hour

Repairs success rate: 4 out of 5 vehicles repaired at the roadside

Customer score

Based on over 2,556 reviews.

The AA

The AA’s standard breakdown cover includes cover for all vehicles and thus includes cover for caravans, trailers, motorhomes, and campervans. 

With this cover, you get 24/7 roadside assistance, meaning that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to get assistance to help fix your vehicle on the spot. 

There are a few restrictions with the AA, which seem to be present with many other providers. Only motorhomes and caravans weighing less than 3.5 tonnes can be covered, and they must be under 2.55 meters wide. This weight seems to be universal among breakdown cover providers; however, this maximum width is a little bit bigger than the restrictions with other brands. 

You can also get unlimited callouts for your caravan or motorhome, providing that it’s not a recurring problem.

The AA will come to your aid if you break down in a car towing a caravan or if there’s a problem with the caravan itself. This means that you’re always protected, no matter the scenario. 

Trustpilot rating: 4.2 out of 5

Average wait time: 40 minutes

Repairs success rate: 4 out of 5 vehicles were repaired at the roadside, with 58% being fixed permanently

the-aa logo
Customer score

Based on over 28,000 reviews.

GEM Motoring Assist

GEM Motoring Assist provides caravan breakdown cover as part of their standard breakdown cover. This means that no matter what plan you get, you’ll be able to have your caravan and trailer recovered and repaired on the roadside if it needs it. 

If you have a policy that includes nationwide recovery, you’ll be able to have your caravan towed to any garage or location in the country, meaning that you can have your broken-down vehicle returned to a garage near your home if you happen to breakdown while travelling the UK.

It is also possible to have motorhomes covered on your policy; however, there are size limits in place that you’ll need to be within. 

Your motorhome will need to be under 7 meters in length and 2.3 meters in width while also weighing under 3.5 tonnes. There doesn’t seem to be a height limit, though. 

It’s worth noting that GEM only offers personal cover. This means that you need to get cover as an individual and that you can’t get cover for a specific motorhome or caravan.

This can be useful if you have multiple motorhomes and caravans, as it means they’re all covered in your policy as long as you’re driving or travelling as a passenger. If you share a motorhome with family and friends, getting GEM Motoring Assist breakdown cover for everyone may be expensive. 

Trustpilot rating: 4.5 out of 5

Average wait time: 1 hour

Repairs success rate: 4 out of 5 vehicles repaired at the roadside

Customer score

Based on over 900 reviews.

Green Flag

Green Flag also provides cover for caravans and trailers as part of their standard breakdown cover, as long as your caravan is within the size limits. For Green Flag, your vehicle’s dimensions need to be under 3.5 tonnes and be no more than 7 meters long, 3 meters high, and 2.55 meters wide. 

What’s good about Green Flag is that you’re covered on any campsite within the UK. This means that you do not just get cover if you break down on the road; you can also get assistance if your caravan is having issues when at a campsite. 

Green Flag is the official breakdown cover provider from the Caravan and Motorhome Club. This partnership demonstrates that Green Flag is considered a reliable breakdown provider. 

If you’re a Caravan and Motorhome Club member, you can get an exclusive level of protection called MAYDAY, designed for caravans and motorhomes. 

With MAYDAY, you get national recovery, allowing you to get your motorhome towed to any location in the UK. You also get duel recovery, where you’ll be taken to your holiday destination and back home if your car or caravan can’t be fixed. 

There are also no weight or size restrictions with MAYDAY. This means that if you own a large motorhome and are part of the Caravan and Motorhome Club, this may be the best breakdown cover you can get. 

Trustpilot rating: 4.2 out of 5

Average wait time: 30 minutes

Repairs success rate: 86% of vehicles repaired at the roadside

green flag logo
Customer score

Based on over 21,000 reviews.

The Takeaway

Getting good, reliable breakdown cover for your vehicle can be a tricky business. With various eligibility criteria to navigate, such as size and weight limits, it can be hard to find the right type of cover that ensures protection for your motorhome. 

With this guide, we’ve broken down each of the top providers, detailing their prices and unique quirks and services so that you can find an option that best works for your budget and your circumstances. 

It’s tough to say definitively which provider is the best for caravan and motorhome breakdown cover, as each one is best suited for different situations and customers. To figure out which one works best for you, take stock of the dimensions of your caravan or motorhome, evaluate your options based on the price point, and also consider the quality of service and response time each provider has. 

Caravan and Motorhome Breakdown Cover FAQs

Most of the time, you'll find that regular breakdown cover does not include caravans and motorhomes. This is because these vehicles are bigger and require different parts, materials, and skills to fix. So to get to cover, you'll need a specific and dedicated policy tailored for caravans and motorhomes. 

Like many providers in this list, some places include caravan cover in their standard policies. Still, you may get a better experience by opting for a dedicated and bespoke breakdown cover. 

Most providers will have weight and height restrictions, limiting the types of caravans and motorhomes you can cover. 

The specific numbers will alter and change depending on the provider, yet you'll typically find that most providers will not offer cover to vehicles that weigh more than 3.5 tonnes. 

When looking at length and width restrictions, remember that the total length includes anything you tow. 

You'll find that more generic providers offering cover for all vehicle types have the most strict restrictions. You should seek a bespoke caravan and motorhome breakdown cover provider if you have bigger vehicles. 

Depending on the specific provider you choose, it's likely that there will be an age limit on what caravans and motorhomes can get breakdown cover. 

This limit will differ from brand to brand, but you'll find that many will not be able to provide cover for caravans or motorhomes over ten years old. For those that do offer cover for older vehicles, you'll likely have to take out a more expensive policy. 

This question is harder to answer because many providers include caravan and motorhome cover in some preexisting policies. Only a handful of providers treat caravan and motorhome cover as an additional extra, so it's hard to compare prices directly. 

That said, when you look at policies that include caravan and motorhome cover and compare them with standard policies, you'll see that the prices are similar and that they're not much more expensive than if you were getting cover for a car. 

You'll be paying the same price for providers that include motorhome cover as standard. For providers like RAC, you can add caravan breakdown cover to any preexisting policy for just an extra £10.

When getting breakdown cover for cars or caravans, there are a few things that you are not covered for. For example, if your car breaks down as a result of your misfuelling, then you won't be able to access free roadside recovery. This is because the problem results from mismanagement and not wear and tear. 

There are a few other situations where you won't get cover, such as if you fail to keep up with your recommended servicing. Thankfully, if your car or motorhome breaks down because it's run out of fuel, you should still be able to get cover with most providers.

What's included in your policy will depend on your specific provider. Still, there are instances where you'll be able to get European cover added automatically to your caravan and motorhome breakdown cover at no extra cost. 

This is a great added benefit as many people who own these vehicles will use them for holidays abroad. 

In addition, even if annual European cover isn't included, you should be able to get European cover for a single trip added to your existing policy, ensuring that your caravan or motorhome is well-protected no matter where you drive it.

The caravan and breakdown cover provided by some of the top generic brands are good quality and should ensure you're well-protected if your vehicle runs into trouble on the road. 

That said, some providers focus on offering cover for these vehicles, and they may be worth considering if you use your caravan or motorhome often. 

These bespoke services have many extra features that suit caravan owners. For example, many providers focusing on caravan and motorhome cover offer their members discounts to multiple UK campsites, making travelling with a motorhome or caravan cheaper. 

If you're an avid traveller with your caravan, these options are worth exploring, but you should still get excellent coverage from some of the leading and more well-known providers. 

When getting cover for your caravan or motorhome, you can have your vehicle covered or cover a single individual. Both options have their perks and reasons and best suit different situations and circumstances. 

Getting cover for a vehicle means that no matter who's driving or towing the vehicle, you can access cover if it breaks down. This is great if you share a caravan with family or friends. 

Personal cover ensures that you can get support for any caravan or motorhome you drive. 

In deciding the best out of the two options, it's best to consider what suits your circumstances and if one option is significantly cheaper. 

When getting caravan and motorhome breakdown cover, your car is also covered if it's used to tow the caravan. If your car breaks down while transporting a motorhome, you can get it fixed at the roadside. 

This ensures that you can carry on with your journey. 

Multiple types of caravan and motorhome breakdown cover are organised into different tiers and levels of cover. These levels mimic what you can get with breakdown cover for your car, and you can tailor it yourself to get the level of cover you need. 

The basic level of cover is roadside assistance. This is where you'll be able to get a mechanic to come and fix your caravan, motorhome, or towing car if it breaks down on the road. 


As well as this, you be able to get caravan recovery, which tows you to a garage of your choice if the caravan can't be fixed on the roadside. In a lot of policies, this is also included as standard. 

You can also get a level that includes the previous services and home start, where you can get support if your caravan has broken down on your driveway. 

Finally, for the most comprehensive caravan breakdown cover, you can get a tier including onward travel. This is where your provider can arrange support to help you continue your journey if your broken-down caravan or motorhome can't be fixed. 

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