Best UK used car websites for 2023

The best websites to buy your car in the UK.

Today, there are multiple places online where you can buy a car. No matter if you’re looking for a new car or one that has been pre-owned, you’re spoilt for choices in the UK. 

In fact, the online market has overtaken traditional car dealerships as the primary way people can buy cars. This is because online websites can help you find vehicles sold for a fair price, and it doesn’t limit you to searching at dealers close to your home. 

If you’re looking for a used car online and don’t know where to start, here’s a helpful list of some of the top, most well-respected places online that you should consider. Each website will have its positives, negatives, and quirks that make them different from each other and suit different people.

It’s tough to say definitively which used car website is the best, as it will be down to personal preferences in terms of the experience you want. 

Use this list to guide you, and if you need any more information about buying used cars, Car Adviser has many resources to help fill you in.

Best used car websites for 2023

These are the best websites to buy a used car in 2023:

Website name Cars for sale URL
cinch 7,713
Motorpoint 4,589
Cazoo 7,347
Heycar 81,956 244,122
Autotrader 436,409
Carwow 100,000
CarShop 5,389
CarGurus 111,417
Piston Heads 176,737
Carsnip 362,854
Fairsquare 1,838
Gumtree 225,532
eBay Motors 209,194
Facebook Marketplace 31,782


If you’re looking for a high-quality used car, then getting one from cinch is a great idea. Not only is the website well-trusted and respected in the UK, but they also offer cars that are in great condition. All of the vehicles on sale on cinch have been fully reconditioned by trained technicians, meaning they should all be issue free. 

If you’re not looking to buy a car with cash, cinch offers multiple finance options so that you can buy a car in a way that suits you. You can get a pay-monthly finance plan, and even part exchange your current car to reduce the costs.

When you buy a car from cinch, you’ll be able to get it delivered to your home for free, or if you prefer, you can come to collect the vehicle in as little as 72 hours once you’ve made your purchase. This means buying a car with cinch is quick

If you’re not sure exactly what car you want to buy yet, cinch has a great ‘Help Me Choose’ tool that creates a questionnaire to help you narrow your choices and figure out what’s essential for you.

When browsing cars, you get all the key information you need to assess their value and condition. There’s a tool where you can quickly compare cars so you can really decide which one is perfect for you. 

Past users of cinch praise the platform for being great to use, with the process being deemed easy to understand and follow. The delivery drivers who drop your cars off have also been praised a lot, so if you’re worried about that interaction, you can be ensured that the safe is knowledgeable and friendly. 

A few complaints against cinch are worth noting, with a few people saying that their car was delivered with faults and that getting those faults fixed through cinch was a bit of a hassle. These complaints are few and far between; typically, cinch is a great option for those looking to buy a used car.

Cinch pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 29,185 reviews.


Cazoo is a great online website where you can buy, lease, subscribe, and sell cars. With this provider, you buy directly from Cazoo, not from any affiliate dealers advertising on the website. This means buying from Cazoo is much quicker, as you just need to contact them. 

However, because Cazoo is selling it, there’s no ability to haggle and reduce the cost of the car, as you pay what’s advertised on the website. 

Despite this potential downside, Cazoo offers many great features that make it an excellent place to buy a car. For starters, when browsing vehicles, they detail a lot of important information clearly, such as the mileage, age, engine type and if it’s an automatic or a manual. Plus, not only can you browse pictures of the car, but they also have a detailed 360 view that lets you see each car’s interior and exterior in great detail. 

Plus, once you buy a car from Cazoo, they’ll be able to deliver it directly to your door, making buying a car even more convenient. That said, people have complained about the fact that you have to pay extra for this, but you do have the option to collect it yourself if you don’t want to pay. 

Cazoo offers multiple guarantees, which many people praise. For example, each car is guaranteed to be conditioned to a great standard, and the company also provides a money-back guarantee that lasts seven days. Each vehicle also has a Cazoo car 90-day warranty as standard, and you also have the option to purchase an extended one.

Cazoo Pros and Cons



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Based on over 33,500 reviews.



If you’re looking for a used car that’s still in excellent condition and that hasn’t been on the market long, then Motorpoint may be a great option to buy a car. They pride themselves on offering nearly new cars, meaning they’re no older than 12 months old and haven’t travelled more than 5,000 miles or so.

Whether you’re buying a used car from Motorpoint or a nearly new vehicle, all the cars they list are no older than four years old and haven’t been driven for more than 30,000 miles. This means that the majority will be in fantastic condition, and you can reliably buy a car from Motorpoint that will last you multiple years. 

In addition to being able to get cars, you’re also about to buy vans and other types of specialist vehicles, meaning that you have a lot of different options. That said, because the market for near-new cars isn’t as big as typical used cars, there aren’t as many cars on Motorpoint as on other websites. 

When you buy a car from Motorpoint, you’re buying them from the business directly, meaning that you don’t have to deal with any independent sellers and haggling. This allows you to purchase the vehicle directly from the website, making things quick and easy. They also offer finance options if you cannot buy the car directly. 

The biggest praise for Motorpoint is that they have an excellent buying experience and follow a simple yet intuitive process. Past customers say that the process was quick and that they were dealt with promptly. 

That said, there are