Best UK used car websites for 2024

The best websites to buy your car in the UK.

Today, there are multiple places online where you can buy a car. No matter if you’re looking for a new car or one that has been pre-owned, you’re spoilt for choices in the UK. 

In fact, the online market has overtaken traditional car dealerships as the primary way people can buy cars. This is because online websites can help you find vehicles sold for a fair price, and it doesn’t limit you to searching at dealers close to your home. 

If you’re looking for a used car online and don’t know where to start, here’s a helpful list of some of the top, most well-respected places online that you should consider. Each website will have its positives, negatives, and quirks that make them different from each other and suit different people.

It’s tough to say definitively which used car website is the best, as it will be down to personal preferences in terms of the experience you want. 

Use this list to guide you, and if you need any more information about buying used cars, Car Adviser has many resources to help fill you in.

Best used car websites for 2024

These are the best websites to buy a used car in 2024:

Website name Cars for sale URL
cinch 7,713
Motorpoint 4,589
Cazoo 7,347
Heycar 81,956 244,122
Autotrader 436,409
Carwow 100,000
CarShop 5,389
CarGurus 111,417
Piston Heads 176,737
Carsnip 362,854
Fairsquare 1,838
Gumtree 225,532
eBay Motors 209,194
Facebook Marketplace 31,782


If you’re looking for a high-quality used car, then getting one from cinch is a great idea. Not only is the website well-trusted and respected in the UK, but they also offer cars that are in great condition. All of the vehicles on sale on cinch have been fully reconditioned by trained technicians, meaning they should all be issue free. 

If you’re not looking to buy a car with cash, cinch offers multiple finance options so that you can buy a car in a way that suits you. You can get a pay-monthly finance plan, and even part exchange your current car to reduce the costs.

When you buy a car from cinch, you’ll be able to get it delivered to your home for free, or if you prefer, you can come to collect the vehicle in as little as 72 hours once you’ve made your purchase. This means buying a car with cinch is quick

If you’re not sure exactly what car you want to buy yet, cinch has a great ‘Help Me Choose’ tool that creates a questionnaire to help you narrow your choices and figure out what’s essential for you.

When browsing cars, you get all the key information you need to assess their value and condition. There’s a tool where you can quickly compare cars so you can really decide which one is perfect for you. 

Past users of cinch praise the platform for being great to use, with the process being deemed easy to understand and follow. The delivery drivers who drop your cars off have also been praised a lot, so if you’re worried about that interaction, you can be ensured that the safe is knowledgeable and friendly. 

A few complaints against cinch are worth noting, with a few people saying that their car was delivered with faults and that getting those faults fixed through cinch was a bit of a hassle. These complaints are few and far between; typically, cinch is a great option for those looking to buy a used car.

Cinch pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 32,185 reviews.


Cazoo is a great online website where you can buy, lease, subscribe, and sell cars. With this provider, you buy directly from Cazoo, not from any affiliate dealers advertising on the website. This means buying from Cazoo is much quicker, as you just need to contact them. 

However, because Cazoo is selling it, there’s no ability to haggle and reduce the cost of the car, as you pay what’s advertised on the website. 

Despite this potential downside, Cazoo offers many great features that make it an excellent place to buy a car. For starters, when browsing vehicles, they detail a lot of important information clearly, such as the mileage, age, engine type and if it’s an automatic or a manual. Plus, not only can you browse pictures of the car, but they also have a detailed 360 view that lets you see each car’s interior and exterior in great detail. 

Plus, once you buy a car from Cazoo, they’ll be able to deliver it directly to your door, making buying a car even more convenient. That said, people have complained about the fact that you have to pay extra for this, but you do have the option to collect it yourself if you don’t want to pay. 

Cazoo offers multiple guarantees, which many people praise. For example, each car is guaranteed to be conditioned to a great standard, and the company also provides a money-back guarantee that lasts seven days. Each vehicle also has a Cazoo car 90-day warranty as standard, and you also have the option to purchase an extended one.

Cazoo Pros and Cons



Customer score



If you’re looking for a used car that’s still in excellent condition and that hasn’t been on the market long, then Motorpoint may be a great option to buy a car. They pride themselves on offering nearly new cars, meaning they’re no older than 12 months old and haven’t travelled more than 5,000 miles or so.

Whether you’re buying a used car from Motorpoint or a nearly new vehicle, all the cars they list are no older than four years old and haven’t been driven for more than 30,000 miles. This means that the majority will be in fantastic condition, and you can reliably buy a car from Motorpoint that will last you multiple years. 

In addition to being able to get cars, you’re also about to buy vans and other types of specialist vehicles, meaning that you have a lot of different options. That said, because the market for near-new cars isn’t as big as typical used cars, there aren’t as many cars on Motorpoint as on other websites. 

When you buy a car from Motorpoint, you’re buying them from the business directly, meaning that you don’t have to deal with any independent sellers and haggling. This allows you to purchase the vehicle directly from the website, making things quick and easy. They also offer finance options if you cannot buy the car directly. 

The biggest praise for Motorpoint is that they have an excellent buying experience and follow a simple yet intuitive process. Past customers say that the process was quick and that they were dealt with promptly. 

That said, there are a few bad reviews and complaints against Motorpoint, with common issues being that cars haven’t been properly checked and were delivered with faults and problems that cost the new owners down the road.

When buying from Motorpoint, you should be wary of this, but it is a rare incident, and you can minimise the risk by checking the vehicle before you buy it. 

Motorpoint pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 10,925 reviews.



Heycar is similar to other websites where you can buy used cars, as it’s a platform that lets you browse thousands of vehicles on offer by dealers all around the country. With Heycar, you can filter your search to find cars that are in your location or cars that are available from all around the UK. Heycar also has its own small fleet of vehicles that you can buy from them directly. However, there’s no way to filter to see what cars are offered by a dealer and which ones are sold directly by the website.

Heycar doesn’t do much different from other websites where you can buy a car and typically follow the same formula. However, this shouldn’t be considered a negative, as many past reviewers have said despite being basic, they deliver their services to a good standard that you may not find elsewhere. Other people have also praised the choice of cars you can buy, with the ability to purchase petrol, diesel, hybrid, and electric cars being a massive benefit. 

When you get a car with Heycar, you can be confident that it will be in excellent condition. This is because all the vehicles offered by Heycar are under eight years old and have less than 100,000 miles on the clock, meaning you should be able to expect them to last a long time once you buy one. 

Heycar also put each car under quality checks to make sure that there are minimal faults and issues. If you find any problems once your car is delivered, you’ll have a 10-day money-back guarantee, which is one of the longest refund windows offered by car-selling websites.

With that said, it’s worth considering that a few people have complained that dealing directly with the seller can cause issues, especially if they’re taking a long time to deliver the car. 

Heycar pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 1,578 reviews. is a well-positioned website from which to buy a used car, and maybe a good alternative instead to the market leaders. Currently, has thousands of cars available to buy, meaning they have a good choice of vehicles. 

With, you can search by the typical parameters such as model and make or use their unique ‘Smart Search’ functionality. With Smart Search, you can search for a used car by requirements, such as sorting vehicles that have good fuel efficiency or are spacious enough for a family. This can make it much easier to find a car perfect for your circumstances. 

Despite this awesome feature, it’s essential to know that may not be the most secure place to buy a car. This is because only 9/10 vehicles listed on the website have been through a basic history check. This means that some cars on the site haven’t been checked, meaning there’s an increased chance of them being imported, scrapped, stolen, or written off. You can bypass this issue by checking the details of the car yourself when looking to buy it. 

Many past customers of praise its simplicity and ease of use, and its Smart Search function is a tool many buyers appreciate. People also liked how detailed the information for each car was, allowing them to understand the car before choosing to buy it. 

That said, some past customers have complained about the lack of security checks that some cars have. Some have been let down by this and have ended up with a car that isn’t roadworthy. This is something to think about before buying with, as this situation is something that you’ll want to avoid. pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 548 reviews.



AutoTrader has been a longtime institution within the UK motoring industry. Starting life as a magazine from which people bought cars, the company is now online-only and offers services from which you can buy and sell cars

AutoTrader allows private sellers to list adverts on the website, meaning that when you buy from AutoTrader, you’re buying from dealerships or individuals from around the country. The website specialises in used cars, although they do have a smaller catalogue of new vehicles. 

AutoTrader is a reliable place to buy a car online because they check every car listed on the website. They perform a full, 5-point background check on each vehicle to ensure it’s legal and worthy for the road. They also provide a complete vehicle checklist for you to follow when viewing a car so you can buy in confidence. 

The platform gives buyers a wealth of information and includes a unique feature where you can instantly compare the listed price of a car against its typical market value. This helps keep the buyer informed when browsing, which many users praise. 

When looking to buy a car, you’ll have to then get in contact with the seller, with the methods of which being set by them. This can make things a bit difficult if they aren’t responsive. In fact, the biggest complaint with AutoTrader is that there’s not a lot of support once you enter the negation stages of buying a car. 

Autotrader pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 79,762 reviews.



Carwow is a website from which you can browse multiple cars offered by different dealerships in the UK. A famous brand within Germany, Carwow has made some big waves in the UK market and is an excellent tool for people to find cheaper deals on used cars

Searching for a car works the same as many others, as you’ll first input your requirements and details about the type of car you’re looking for. You can filter vehicles in terms of budget, type of car, fuel type, extra features and equipment you want, and even boot space. This allows you to filter out the fluff and browse cars that suit your wants and needs, which is great. 

There are no fees for buyers and sellers to use the site, so you can expect to find pretty good prices on this website. The brand is also very well trusted, thanks to building a popular YouTube channel where they review and provide information on multiple cars. 

One common bit of praise for Carwow is that it’s an excellent place to find deals and offers that can make a car much cheaper to buy. In fact, people who buy from Carwow can expect to save an average of £1,500 on their car, which is a massive benefit offered by the company. 

That said, there have been a few complaints against Carwow. The most common one is to browse cars; you need to create an account. This is so that the business can send email alerts if suitable cars become available. However, some can find this annoying and unwanted. 

Carwow pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 35,832 reviews.



Through their marketing, it’s clear that CarShop wants all their customers to have a peaceful and relaxed experience when buying a car with them. To do this, as well as offering the standard car search engine functionality, you can contact a representative who can provide advice to help make your experience better and easier. 

To find a car on CarShop you need, you first need to search in their search bar. At first, there’s no way to add filters beyond including and omitting certain keywords. However, you can refine your initial search with specific parameters once you’ve done your initial search. This means that CarShop isn’t best suited for those that don’t yet have an idea of the specifics that they want. 

CarShop doesn’t present much information about the cars on its website, with each listing focusing on the car’s financial aspects. This includes things like how much the price has been reduced by and if there is a finance option. This means that finding out things such as the car’s history can be a bit tougher to do. 

With CarShop, you can either collect your car at one of their branches or have it delivered to you, depending on your preference. To buy a car, you need to make an account, which can be annoying if you want things to be quick and less hassle. 

In addition to being able to buy cars, CarShop also has other products and services that might be useful for those in the market for a new car. Not only can you buy a car, but you can also get a finance plan or part exchange your vehicle with CarShop. You can also book MOTs and servicing with CarShop, which can be helpful once you’ve bought your new car. 

Those who have bought a car from CarShop have had good experiences, with many people praising how they don’t pressure you to do anything, especially when looking to view a car at their dealership before buying. This can be great as many want to avoid pushy salespeople when purchasing a car. Reviewers also said that the sales team were knowledgeable and helped with many questions when they went to view the car. 

There are a few complaints, though, with people having trouble with their cars having multiple issues once they bought it and that CarShop wouldn’t cover the costs. 

Carshop pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 35,750 reviews.


CarGurus is pretty similar to a few other car search engines. It allows you to search their database to find cars that are being sold by dealerships and private sellers all across the UK, with you then responsible for contacting them to organise the sale. 

The website uses an algorithm to ensure that once you do a search, you’ll be presented with the best cars that match your parameters and needs. Compared to Carsnip, it has a lot more search functionality, as you’ll be able to find cars based on typical factors and more unique things like car colour. 

What makes CarGurus a great option when searching for a used car that a dealer is selling is that they have a lot of iconographies to help you learn more about a car or a seller. Next to each listing will be a colour-coded arrow to reflect if the asking price is a good deal or overpriced. Each dealer will also have a star rating, letting you know if they’re a quality brand. In addition, the website also has multiple reviews on various cars and models, so you can use those to see if a car you’re interested in is actually good. 

Not only that, but CarGurus also provide hard-to-find information about a car’s history, such as past ownerships and if it’s been in accidents or not. This creates a much greater sense of transparency that many past customers have praised in their previous reviews. Plus, if you get the app, you will also get sent car recommendations which many people have also praised and enjoyed. 

That said, there have been a few bad reviews against CarGurus, with some people complaining that many of the discounts on offer by CarGurus are either outdated or do not exist, which can be awkward when you contact the dealer to buy a car. Another issue people have had is that their alert system can be a bit faulty, with people being sent cars that don’t suit their requirements or location. 

All that considered, CarGurus is still a great search engine to find used cars to buy.

Cargurus pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 261 reviews.


If you’re a car enthusiast looking to get something a bit different, PistonHeads may be a good choice. This car buying and searching tool is designed for those in the know and who have a passion for cars, as they post insightful reviews of the more high-spec models and manufacturers. 

Brandishing a Lamborghini on its homepage, it’s clear that this is the place if you’re looking for a used luxury car. That said, you can still find vehicles from more modest car makers, meaning that the site is suitable for multiple budgets. 

When searching for cars, you get all the basic information you would expect and where it is located. The site also highlights vehicles available for click and collection, meaning that the buying process for them will be much quicker.

Users of PistonHeads praise how the information about the cars, especially in their reviews, is up-to-date and accurate. This means that they are reliable, knowledgeable sources that you can trust when buying a car. People have also praised how they don’t flood your inbox with spam, which many people appreciated.

Some people have complained that the vendors on the website aren’t responsive, which can be frustrating, but all in all, this is a good service.

PistonHeads isn’t designed for the average joe and is instead tailored for those more into cars. If you’re a fanatic, then this may be the best place to buy a used car online, and joining their online forum is a great way to stay up-to-date and discuss car matters. 

PistonHeads pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 685 reviews.


According to the site itself, Carsnip is the biggest car search engine in the UK. This means that there are a vast number of cars that you can find at Carsnip, helping you to find the best car for you. It’s a great place to find a used car, as they currently have over 300,000 cars on their platform, which is the most in the UK.

Despite its reach, the website itself is pretty limited in terms of functionality, as you’re unable you properly filter your search. Instead, you need to enter the car model you want and any other related keywords, similar to how you would when searching Google. 

This search approach is good if you know what you’re looking for but it can be a bit frustrating for those who are open to many different vehicles. It’s also worth noting that the website simply gathers listings for different cars. This means that if you want to see the details of a car that are more in-depth, you’re going to have to leave the site and go to the specific dealer’s website. This can be frustrating, as it adds an extra step to the car buying process. 

People who use Carsnip praise it for its wide array of cars, and it is seen as a great tool to start your car search. That said, many people complain that it’s a bit basic and lacks a lot of helpful functionality. It’s a worthwhile place to see if there are any private dealers selling cars for good prices, but it may not be the right choice for you if you want to buy a car quickly. 

Carsnip pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 243 reviews.



FairSquare is one of the newer online businesses where you can buy cars. The business claims to offer market-leading prices for its cars while being simple and transparent. Their marketing seems to focus more on selling cars through finance, so if you’re looking to buy a car outright, they may not be the best option for you. 

However, if you’re struggling to get a good finance deal because of poor credit, FairSquare may be a good option as it aims to help people in these situations get good deals for their cars. When looking for vehicles, FairSquare will use a soft search on your credit report to see the multiple finance options available to you. This keeps you in total control when looking for a new car. 

When you finance a car from FairSquare, you’ll get national delivery for free, making things even more convenient for you. There’s also an industry-leading 14-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to fully get to grips with the car before deciding if it’s right for you. 

People praise FairSqaure for offering finance options to people with poor credit scores. However, be aware that many people have complained that interest rates are relatively high. This is standard for businesses that focus on those with bad credit, as it protects them if a buyer defaults on a payment. However, it should still be something that you consider before using them. 

Fairsquare pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 2 reviews.



Gumtree operates similarly to eBay Motors, which makes sense because it’s a sister company of it. Sellers list items for sale, and potential buyers contact the seller to register their interest. 

The only significant difference between eBay and Gumtree is that sellers aren’t charged to list an item. This means that you’re more likely to find those listing cheaper cars on the website, which can be helpful if you’re looking for a bargain. 

Gumtree is also a very secure place to buy a used car, especially if you’re concerned about the possibility of purchasing a car that’s not in good condition or that has legal issues. This is because when a seller lists a car, Gumtree runs a history check on the vehicle. This checks to see if it’s been registered as stolen, scrapped or if it’s been written off.

Once a car passes this check, a badge will appear on the ad, indicating to buyers that it’s legitimate. This makes buying a car from Gumtree better than other places because you can use this badge to better trust the seller. 

A big difference between Gumtree and eBay Motors is that, unlike the larger site, Gumtree doesn’t offer any on-site payment methods. As the buyer, you’ll have to arrange money transfers with the seller directly, which can be a bit riskier. 

People praise Gumtree for being an easy and simple place to find cars to buy, and many highlight the benefits of their vehicle check feature. People complain about the lack of payment options, so it may be something that the website adds, but regardless it’s still a good option for those looking to buy a car from a private seller. 

Gumtree pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 6,464 reviews.

eBay Motors

eBay is the largest auction website online, so it makes sense that it expanded to include a section dedicated to buying and selling cars. eBay Motors works exactly the same as it’s main website, allowing potential buyers to bid on a car, with the highest bidder winning the vehicle once the auction expires. Sellers can also add a buy now price, which is helpful for used car buyers who don’t want to wait around for an auction to end and want to secure a car quickly. 

Of many of the car buying websites you’re buying from ads created by individual and private sellers, eBay Motors may be one of the most secure. This is because the website has its own payment facilities, meaning that you don’t have to pay directly into the seller’s bank account, which protects your transaction. 

In addition, eBay also allows those with an account to review and rate others, meaning that you’ll be able to see how well a seller is rated on the site. If they have a low rating, it’s a good indication that they may not be someone you want to buy a car from. This allows you to purchase vehicles with more trust. 

With all that said, a big complaint against buying a car from eBay Motors is that it’s tougher to find a well-valued bargain. This is because, due to the auction nature of the website, if you’re competing with another interested buyer, then the price for the car may be run up as you both try to get the highest bid. 

Another potential issue is that you need to have an eBay account to buy a car. Setting up this can be a little annoying and time-consuming, but it should be worth it. 

Ebay Motors pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 11,636 reviews.

Facebook Marketplace

Launching in 2016, Facebook Marketplace is an add-on service provided by the popular social media platform where users can buy and sell any type of item. Typically used as an online car-boot sale, it is also a good place to look for cars on sale in your area. 

Facebook Marketplace doesn’t charge sellers to make a listing on the platform, meaning that it’s a preferred location for those looking to sell cheap, low-value vehicles. This can be useful if you’re looking to find a bargain. 

Facebook Marketplace also has some great search functionality on the website to help you buy a car that’s perfect for you. You can filter by various criteria, such as model, mileage, age, and distance from your home. 

Despite these benefits, you need to be wary of Facebook Marketplace, as it doesn’t offer any secure payment functionality. In fact, once you’ve found a seller, you’ll have to message them directly and organise all the sale details with them. This can make buying a car take a bit longer. 

Plus, you don’t need to have your account vetted or approved to sell cars on Facebook Marketplace. This means that as a buyer, you are at greater risk of running into scammers or people selling vehicles that have legal or mechanical issues. As long as you ask the right questions and request all the required documentation and history of the car, then you should be safe. However, it is a common complaint that Facebook Marketplace doesn’t provide safeguarding features. 

With that said, car buyers praise Marketplace for being a good website to find cars available in your local area, and many have also praised that they’ve been able to find a vehicle at a reasonable price.

Facebook Marketplace pros and cons



Customer score

Based on over 11,750 reviews.

Used Car Websites FAQs

Here are the best websites to buy a used car in the UK:

  • cinch
  • Motorpoint
  • Cazoo
  • Heycar
  • Autotrader
  • Carwow
  • CarShop
  • CarGurus
  • Piston Heads
  • Carsnip
  • Fairsquare
  • Gumtree
  • eBay Motors
  • Facebook Marketplace

When buying a used car, it pays to get as much information about the vehicle as possible to determine if it's reliable and represents a good deal. That's why the best used car selling websites pack their listings with as much information as possible so that you can get a good feel for the vehicle. 

However, once you go to view the car in person, there are a few questions that you should ask the owner so that you are equipped with enough information to make an informed decision about the car. 

The main things to ask are about the car's age and mileage. This information should be displayed on every car selling website reviewed here on Car Adviser. However, it's worth asking again in person to see if anything has changed. It's a good way to catch out a dishonest seller. 

It's also a good idea to ask about previous ownership. It will likely be in good condition if it has not had many owners before you. However, if it's been passed around a lot, it may indicate some issue with the car, which was why it was sold many times before. 

It's also good to ask about extra features such as a warranty and if the seller offers servicing and repairs. Some dealers will offer these to help sweeten the deal, although because they're an extra expense for them, they may not advertise it, so it's worth digging for it. You should also definitely ask about its MOT status and if the car has been written off in the past, as this will ensure that the vehicle is actually roadworthy for you to drive away with. 

Finally, the last question you should ask when buying a used car is about the car's repair history. Knowing how often a vehicle has been to a mechanic is a great way to see its reliability. If a certain part of the car has a history of consistent issues, it will likely reoccur once you're the owner. 

Knowledge is power when buying a car, so make sure you find out all you can about the vehicle. 

If you're buying a used car from a dealership, or a website that connects you with dealers from around the UK, then the best time to buy a car is at the start of a new year, particularly in January and February. This is because these months are at the start of a quarter, and dealers want to get their sales off to a good start, meaning that they're more likely to offer deals and promotions. 

Other good times to buy a used car include the fringe months just before a financial quarter ends, as this may be a time when dealers and sellers become more desperate to meet their quota, so they may be more generous with their pricing. 

If you buy from a dealership directly, it's best to schedule your viewing on a weekday. This is because it's likely to be less busy, meaning that you'll have the full attention of the sales rep, which can be advantageous. 

When you buy a used car, it won't automatically come with road tax. For you to be able to drive it, you'll first need to tax it yourself. This can be done quickly, and it should be easy to complete on the day your car is delivered or picked up. 

Although used cars don't come with road tax, they should have an active MOT certificate.

If you're trying to figure out if it's best to buy a used or new car, it's helpful to know the benefits of getting a used car to aid your decision. One of the best reasons for buying a used car is that it saves you money. Used cars could be as much as 60% cheaper than the same model if you bought them new, saving you a lot of cash. 

Plus, because the car is already old, it's already experienced the bulk of its depreciation. This means that when you come to sell a used car, you should be able to get a similar amount for it as what you paid for it. 

The costs to customise your car are also a lot cheaper, which is great for those who like adding a bit of personality to their car, and there are also much less excessive fees you have to pay. 

The most considerable criticism against used cars is that they can be faulty and in bad condition. Although there is an increased risk when you buy used as opposed to new, most used cars have been certified and thoroughly inspected by a mechanic to ensure that they're in excellent condition. 

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We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include trusted third parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or servicing you, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. We may also release your information when we believe release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others rights, property, or safety. However, non-personally identifiable visitor information may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising, or other uses.


The minimum information we need to register you is your name, email address and a password. We will ask you more questions for different services, including sales promotions. Unless we say otherwise, you have to answer all the registration questions. We may also ask some other, voluntary questions during registration for certain services (for example, professional networks) so we can gain a clearer understanding of who you are. This also allows us to personalise services for you. To assist us in our marketing, in addition to the data that you provide to us if you register, we may also obtain data from trusted third parties to help us understand what you might be interested in. This ‘profiling’ information is produced from a variety of sources, including publicly available data (such as the electoral roll) or from sources such as surveys and polls where you have given your permission for your data to be shared. You can choose not to have such data shared with the Guardian from these sources by logging into your account and changing the settings in the privacy section. After you have registered, and with your permission, we may send you emails we think may interest you. Newsletters may be personalised based on what you have been reading on At any time you can decide not to receive these emails and will be able to ‘unsubscribe’. Logging in using social networking credentials If you log-in to our sites using a Facebook log-in, you are granting permission to Facebook to share your user details with us. This will include your name, email address, date of birth and location which will then be used to form a Guardian identity. You can also use your picture from Facebook as part of your profile. This will also allow us and Facebook to share your, networks, user ID and any other information you choose to share according to your Facebook account settings. If you remove the Guardian app from your Facebook settings, we will no longer have access to this information. If you log-in to our sites using a Google log-in, you grant permission to Google to share your user details with us. This will include your name, email address, date of birth, sex and location which we will then use to form a Guardian identity. You may use your picture from Google as part of your profile. This also allows us to share your networks, user ID and any other information you choose to share according to your Google account settings. If you remove the Guardian from your Google settings, we will no longer have access to this information. If you log-in to our sites using a twitter log-in, we receive your avatar (the small picture that appears next to your tweets) and twitter username.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

We are in compliance with the requirements of COPPA (Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act), we do not collect any information from anyone under 13 years of age. Our website, products and services are all directed to people who are at least 13 years old or older.

Updating your personal information

We offer a ‘My details’ page (also known as Dashboard), where you can update your personal information at any time, and change your marketing preferences. You can get to this page from most pages on the site – simply click on the ‘My details’ link at the top of the screen when you are signed in.

Online Privacy Policy Only

This online privacy policy applies only to information collected through our website and not to information collected offline.

Your Consent

By using our site, you consent to our privacy policy.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page.
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