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Electric cars are on the rise in the UK, with more and more drivers turning to this type of vehicle to help reduce costs and adapt to a cleaner way of driving. However, electric cars are still a new, unproven phenomenon for many, and a lot of people fear making the leap. 

Although the running costs are meagre compared to traditionally fueled cars, electric cars cost a bit more when bought outright. Thankfully with Onto, you can sample and start driving some of the best electric vehicles without paying full price. 

Like how you can subscribe to television services, food delivery packages and more, Onto now makes it possible to subscribe to electric cars. 

This model gives you much more flexibility and freedom when driving your car and is a method of owning a car that is increasing in popularity. 

Here’s a Car Adviser guide on Onto, detailing how it works, if it’s worth it, and if Onto reviews well with previous customers. This should demystify electric cars and ensure you know about the benefits that Onto can provide you. 

In this guide

Who is Onto?

Onto is a car subscription service that first started in 2018. Created by co-founders Rob Jolly and Dannan O’Meachchair, its mission is to make owning an electric car more straightforward. It does this by offering a comprehensive and all-inclusive electric car subscription service. 

Although not a pioneer in car subscription services, Onto has carved itself a niche in the market by solely focusing on electric vehicles, capitalising on how these vehicles are becoming more prevalent and mainstream year after year. 

Today, Onto has a large fleet of over 7,000 cars, with manufacturers ranging from Renault, Fiat, Vauxhall, Hyundai, Peugeot, Citroen, Volkswagen and even Tesla, Audi and Jaguar if you want a luxury brand. When reviewing the options, no car model is older than 2020, with most just a year old. 

This means that Onto can offer its customers high-quality, low-wear cars, ensuring they get a good experience when trying out electric vehicles. 

With Onto, you’re getting a premium experience that’s convenient and low-cost, with very few hidden extras and fees. Unlike many other car subscription or leasing companies, you don’t have to pay a deposit to get your vehicle when you first sign up. Instead, you must pay only £129.50 to deliver the car to your home. This is even optional, as you can collect it for free. 

Onto is great because they mean it when they say they’re all-inclusive. When you get a subscription, the brand will look after everything, such as insurance, maintenance, road tax, breakdown cover, and even charging up to a certain mileage. So, for just one monthly payment, you’ll have everything you need to drive legally and with confidence. 

Although only half a decade old, Onto is one of the name brands for sustainable and ethical car subscriptions and makes the ideal choice if you’re considering trying electric cars in the future. 

Onto has used its reach and success in the industry to offer its customers more. That’s why when you get an electric car with Onto, you can charge your vehicle at over 14,000 charging points across the UK. This helps make owning an electric vehicle even more convenient. 

How does Onto work?


Onto keeps things simple when you sign up for their services. To get started, you only need to send in a selfie and the details of your driver’s license. This is done as a quick security check to ensure you’re real. 

Once your account is made, you can browse all the different types of cars they offer. To narrow your search, you can input your postcode to know what cars are available near you. 

When you find a car you like the look of; you’ll be able to see its subscription price and what’s included. Usually, everything is included as standard, but some cars allow you to opt out of the free charging subscription. 

When making your final payment, you can collect the vehicle or have it delivered to your doorstep. This costs £129.50 but is very convenient and the only extra cost you’ll have to pay. 

Instead of pricing each car individually, Onto groups their vehicles into different tiers, with tier 1 being the cheapest and tier 4 being the most premium. This comes into play once you get your first car and swap it. When switching to a vehicle within the same tier as your current one, theirs no change in price to your subscription, with the only cost being a £79.50 delivery and collection fee. 

Onto subscriptions work on a per-monthly basis. This means that at the end of every month, you can decide to either swap your car, continue with your current vehicle, or cancel your subscription entirely. This gives you great flexibility and ensures you’re always driving a vehicle you love. 

Each Onto customer gets access to an app where you can request swaps, see the current battery life of your car, and request assistance and support if you need any maintenance. 

In addition, that app also shows your current mileage credits. Each month, Onto drivers have 750 miles worth of charge included in their fee. This means you can charge your vehicle without a fee at most charging points as long as your mileage doesn’t exceed this amount. 

If you don’t use all your mileage for a single month, that credit rolls over and can be used to help you get money off new subscriptions or increase the mileage you can drive the following month. 

If you need more mileage, you can also buy more. These are called Bolt Ons, and you can purchase an additional 250, 500, 750, or 1000 miles. The tier of your subscription influences how much these additional bolts cost. For example, 250 miles on a tier 1 vehicle costs £70, whereas it’s £90 on a tier 2 vehicle. 

Be aware that if you don’t buy extra mileage, you’ll be charged an overage fee for every mile you exceed. Again, that fee depends on your vehicle’s tier, but it will be more expensive per mile when compared to the cost of buying a bolt-on. 

What makes Onto great?

There are multiple reasons why Onto is a great car subscription service that you should consider and why it deservedly takes its place as one of the leading brands in the field. 

The main benefit of Onto is that it’s entirely all-inclusive. Things like road tax, insurance, and breakdown cover are included in the price. You don’t have to get anything else to drive when you get a subscription. 

These extras are good quality as well. You only need third-party insurance to drive legally in the UK, yet Onto provides fully comprehensive insurance that means you’re protected in any situation. 

There are also very few fees, making it a pretty cheap option. There’s no need for a deposit; all you pay are delivery and collection fees. In many cases, an Onto car subscription is much cheaper than leasing a car, even of the same model and age. Plus, you’re not locked into a long-term commitment; you can cancel after a month if you want. 

Onto’s high number of charging partners also makes it a standout option when getting an electric car. You’ll have no trouble finding a place to charge your electric vehicle, and you also get access to some rapid charging ports depending on the car you have, making things even more convenient. 

All the cars are very new, with no model being older than three years old, and there are very few restrictions on what you’re allowed to do.

For example, you can travel with a pet in an Onto car, which is not something all subscription providers offer. You can also add multiple drivers to your policy so that your whole family can enjoy the benefits of electric vehicles.

Are there any drawbacks to Onto?

Onto is undoubtedly a fantastic service, but there are a few things you need to consider that can be potential drawbacks affecting how inviting the brand is. 

A minor issue is that to access their cheapest monthly costs; you’ll have to get a vehicle with branded vinyl wrapping around it. Many drivers may not want this, as it makes the car feel less personal, but this could be a good thing for others who want an even cheaper deal and don’t care about aesthetics. 

Their tiered system can also be an issue in certain circumstances. Not only will your fees change if you swap from a cheaper tier to a higher tier, but you can also lose out on your mileage credit, meaning you’re missing out on something you’re paying for. 

Speaking of mileage, the base limit of 750 miles is low. On average, drivers in the UK will drive around 11,500 miles yearly, or 960 miles a month, especially if they commute to work. This means that for most people, you’ll add extra bolts frequently to ensure that they match your needs. 

Finally, although you’re saving money as there’s no deposit to pay, the delivery and swapping fees are high when compared to other subscription service providers. Most others only charge around £50-£70, so you have to think about that, especially when swapping cars. 

Onto Reviews

To get a good sense of the quality of a brand, we at Car Adviser think it’s best to look at some of the reviews that a company has received from its previous customers. Reviews are usually written by real, past customers who have used the service, so they have great insight that can help you better understand what to expect. 

Opting into a car subscription service without checking the reviews is a critical mistake, as you need that information to understand how a company performs clearly. We think Onto is a fantastic service when looking at its features and reputation. However, it’s worth hearing about what others have to say to help add context and different opinions. 

You must use the right websites and sources when looking at online reviews. Thanks to bots, fake reviewers, and more, many companies can obtain high scores that are false and which don’t represent their actual quality. To combat this, we recommend using Trustpilot when checking online reviews. Not only is Trustpilot one of the biggest review aggregation websites, meaning they have a large pool of data to generate an accurate score, but they also have various security measures and features in place to ensure that most of their reviews are from real people. 

Trustpilot scores businesses registered on the website out of 5 stars, with full marks meaning they’re an outstanding option. As well as this, you can also search through specific reviews to get an idea of what a business does well and what it may underperform in. 

We’ve analysed all the data so that you can quickly see how well Onto reviews online. Here’s a more in-depth look to see if they’re a company right for you.  

Onto Reviews Score

On Trustpilot, Onto has a good score of just under four stars, currently sitting at 3.9 out of 5. According to the website, this ranks it as a ‘Great’ business, meaning that most people will have a great experience using the service. 

As a relatively new and niche brand, Onto has a low total number of reviews when compared to other car leasing and buying businesses, sitting at around 2,700 for now. Although low, this number still allows Trustpilot to get a reliable average. 

When looking at review scores, it’s always best to do so within the context of the industry of the business you’re looking at. Although you’d always want to find a company with close to 5 stars, which Onto does, a low score isn’t always bad. 

For example, some industries will naturally have lower review scores than others. When looking at the rest of the car leasing and subscription market, you’ll find that most struggle to obtain more than 3.5 stars, meaning that Onto is one of the leaders in the industry. 

As well as the overall score, it’s also worth noting the spread of different review scores. When looking at Onto, you’ll see that two-thirds of people gave the business full 5-star reviews, and a further 8% gave four stars, meaning that 3 out of 4 people had a brilliant experience with Onto. 

Onto Common Praises 

It can be good to look through some recent reviews to see what past customers have been raving about. This gives you a good indication of what kind of service you can expect and look for. There may be an aspect of the business you want to ensure excels, so finding past reviews talking positively about it can give you the confidence to use Onto. 

When filtering to look at 5-star reviews, of which there are plenty, you’ll find that certain business areas are praised regularly. 

One highlight is how cheap many past customers find Onto, especially compared to leasing or other car subscription services. Onto provides great value for money, especially when it’s all-inclusive and comes with everything you need to drive a car. 

The choice of cars is also something that people have drawn attention to. People like how there are multiple options and that you can get an electric vehicle for different living conditions. Onto offers cars great for city driving and options that best suit families. 

This array of choices might be something that you miss out on when using a competitor of Onto. 

Another thing praised is how good the customer service team is, helping people swap cars and seamlessly change their subscriptions. If you plan on changing cars frequently, knowing it’s easy and pleasant to contact support is a great added benefit for the company. 

Onto Common Complaints 

A few comments are negative when looking at Onto reviews and illustrate that a few people have had a challenging experience. Although you want to avoid seeing a high level of complaints, it’s good to check them out to see if they’re justified and then to see what potential problems you’re more likely to face. 

Most people have a brilliant experience with Onto, but it’s worth looking at the comments from the few who haven’t had the best of times.

One frequent issue is that some people have had to wait for a little to reach customer support in the case of a vehicle breaking down. Onto will service and fix your car for you, which is usually a great experience; however, on busy days, there may be a delay in reaching a customer service team member. Onto uses third-party businesses to help with their maintenance and repairs, so it’s very often that any delays are due to their partners dragging their feet, not Onto themselves.  

Despite delays in repairs, Onto will assist within 48 hours and, in most cases, will be able to supply a replacement car quickly. 

Another regular complaint is that many customers have been upset with how Onto has refused to cover the costs of certain repairs. Onto will pay for any repairs needed because of normal wear and tear. However, there are some exceptions where they won’t pay out, which is fully disclosed in their terms and conditions. 

If a vehicle has been damaged due to reckless driving or poor care on the customer’s part, then Onto has the right not to pay for repairs. 

Finally, another complaint that has materialised a few times is that many customers have been charged when handing back a vehicle because an inspector found damage on the car. Of course, it’s not unreasonable for Onto to demand compensation for any damages that occurred during your subscription, but the cost of some of the charges has caught a few people off guard. 

Looking at many customer reviews, it seems that Onto has charged more than the average market price for some repairs. For example, damage to an alloy wheel costs a customer £250, whereas they state that they could have gotten fixed at a garage for around £40 – £60. 

In situations like this, it’s one person’s word against the other. That said, to avoid hefty fees when handing back your vehicle, drive carefully and avoid any damages. 

Onto Car Subscription Pros and Cons

When considering if getting an electric vehicle subscription from Onto is suitable for you, it’s always a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons to see if it suits your needs and wants. 

There are many great things about Onto that make it a fantastic option that anyone looking to drive an electric vehicle should consider. That said, certain restrictions and policies about the business can be seen as negatives. 

Here’s a look at them all side by side to determine how great Onto is. 



Customer score

Based on over 2,675 reviews.

Onto Reviews FAQs

Electric cars are the future of motoring in the UK. The government has already announced that cars that aren't hybrid or fully electric won't be allowed to be bought new in a few years, so it's worth getting ahead of the curve. 

Electric cars have a reputation for being weak and having low ranges. However, massive strides have been made to increase their performance in all areas in recent years. 

With the increase in infrastructure and performance, and how electric cars can be much cheaper to own, they're worth considering, and trying some out with an Onto subscription is a great idea. 

Car subscriptions and leasing are entirely different things. When you subscribe to a car, you don't own it and instead are paying monthly for the benefit of being able to drive it. Although similar, you can only drive one car when leasing. With a subscription, you're free to swap around each month. 

Plus, leasing contracts last a lot longer than subscription services. With most leases, you'll be committed to that single car for around two years, but you can change each month with Onto. 

Leasing will also require you to pass a credit check and pay a deposit in most cases. Neither of these is the case if you're subscribing to a car.  

You are able to buy the car with a balloon payment at the end of a lease. This isn't an option with a subscription, and you won't have a chance to own the car that you drive.

When you get a subscription with Onto, your subscription will come with 750 miles included in the price. This means that you can charge up to 750 miles a month without paying extra - providing that you opted into this type of subscription. 

Each month, you can buy more miles, called Bolt Ons, and can add an extra 250, 500, 750, or 1000 miles. Plus, if you haven't met your mileage allowance for one month, you can use it to give yourself more mileage for the next month. 

With all that said, you are not allowed, under any circumstances, to exceed 1750 miles within one month. This is true even if you're happy to pay the overage fees. If you exceed this hard limit, then Onto can cancel your contract and take your car. 

If you drive less than your mileage allowance for one month, you get that back as credit which can help you drive more the following month. If you decide to swap vehicles while still having some mileage in credit, this can transfer to the next car you own. 

However, this only works if you transfer between cars in the same tier. If you swap from one tier to a different one, you will lose all your credit, so be mindful when doing so. 

Electric car subscriptions do not require a credit check like car finance does, meaning you can easily get an Onto subscription without a good credit score. 

That said, Onto will complete its own affordability check, which looks at various details about your finances to see if you can afford the subscription. For example, Onto will check to see if you have any CCJs or bankruptcies. This check will not affect your credit score in any way.

To get Onto, there are a few criteria you need to pass. To start, you must be living in the UK to get Onto, and you also need to have had your license for at least a year before signing up. 

In addition to this, some cars will have their unique criteria. For example, certain vehicles have age restrictions, and you'll usually have to be over 25 to get some premium luxury cars. Plus, you can only get Onto's complementary insurance if you're over 25 years old. 

If anything goes wrong and breaks, Onto will usually fix it at no extra charge. That said, some things aren't included, and you'll have to pay to fix them. 

For the most part, as long as the damage is due to natural wear and tear, then Onto will fix the issue with no problem. However, you may have to pay if the car has not been well looked after or if the issue is caused by something abnormal. 

Tyres are also are complicated section in terms of what's covered. If the tyre is deemed repairable, then Onto will cover it. However, if it needs replacement, then they won't. You'll need to pay if there's a puncture that can't be fixed and if there's been damage to the sidewall. 

At the end of your subscription, you'll only have to pay a final collection fee of £129.50. However, if, upon inspection, the car has any damages or issues that aren't simply worn and tear, you may get additional charges. 

In terms of any credit you may have in your account, this will remain as credit once you cancel. This can be used if you decide to take out another subscription in the future, provided that you do so within a year.