The Best Used Car Warranty UK 2024

Find the best warranty providers for your used car in the UK.

A warranty can be a great way to protect you financially if your car has faults and needs to be repaired. The only issue is that they can be pretty expensive, and with there being multiple places to get them, it can be hard to know where is best. 

Here’s a look at some of the best warranty providers for used cars, detailing their benefits and review scores to figure out which provider is the best for you. Car Adviser has plenty of advice and guides to help you if you need more information about buying a used car

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What is a car warranty?

A warranty is very similar to an insurance policy. With a warranty, you’ll be able to have the costs of labour and repairs covered for you by your provider if you need to get certain parts of your car fixed. A warranty will usually only cover issues considered mechanical or electrical failures, meaning that instead of covering the costs of damages from a collision, they financially protect you if your car has failed on its own. 

There are multiple different types of warranties that you can get; however, they all pretty much provide the same service. The first type of warranty is a manufacturer warranty that you’ll likely get when you buy a new car. This warranty will usually be free and last a reasonably long time, which is a significant reason why people opt for new vehicles. Because these warranties can last around three years and even longer with some manufacturers, if you’re buying a nearly-new car, it’s likely it will still be under this warranty.

If you’re buying a used car, you can also get a warranty from the dealership. This will likely be an ‘approved used car warranty and will last around 12 months. When you get this type of warranty, you’ll likely only be able to get the car serviced and repaired by the dealership or franchise you bought it from for the warranty to remain valid.

You can also buy a used car warranty independently after you’ve bought a car. These are often called aftermarket warranties and are the types of warranties that will be compared in this Car Adviser article. These warranties are excellent because you can get them if your current warranty is expiring, and they’re usually better deals than the other types of warranties. 

The length of a warranty will vary depending on the provider you choose and your terms, although a typical warranty will last for three years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Should I get a used car warranty?

Getting financial protection for you and your car is always good, especially on a used car. The costs of some repairs can be a lot of money and become a significant financial burden if you have to finance them yourself. A warranty protects you from having to pay a large amount of money and gives you the means to repair your car quickly. 

As a used car is much more likely to need repairs and servicing than a new one, you should consider getting a warranty. Even if your used car comes with a warranty from the provider, it may be worthwhile getting a different one to provide cover for when the original one expires.

Of course, there’s always a risk that nothing will happen to your car under your ownership, meaning that your warranty can become a waste of money. Plus, there are also a lot of issues that aren’t covered by a warranty, meaning that you could end up in a situation where you’re paying for a warranty and then also need to pay for the repairs anyway. 

That said, the potential money you can save with a warranty makes it super worth it and is something you should get, especially when buying a used car.

What’s usually covered in a warranty?

The specific issues and faults covered in a warranty will differ depending on the provider and the level of cover you get. That said, there are a few mechanical problems that you can expect to be fixed in even the most basic level of cover. 

For most packages, the cost of repairs to your engine will be covered at a bare minimum. This is good because engine issues are usually one of the most expensive things to repair, so having that covered for you with worthwhile and protects you financially. 

On more advanced packages, you can also build a comprehensive cover that will pay for the repairs of damages and issues to your: 

  • Transmission 
  • Fuel systems 
  • Air conditioning and cooling systems 
  • Gearboxes 
  • Steering
  • Suspension 
  • Clutch
  • Brake parts 
  • Electronics 

Of course, the specifics of what is covered will vary between policies, so check your contract to see what’s included. 

A few common issues do not fall under most warranties, so it’s essential to be aware of these to know your options. If you have issues with your batteries, bulbs, wheels, and tyres, these are repairs you’ll likely have to pay yourself. 

Damages to your car due to wear and tear, such as damage to heavily used parts like the brake discs and pads, will not be covered either. Plus, you’ll also be unable to use your warranty to pay for cosmetic repairs, such as a new paint job or fixing the car’s interior

Finally, accidental damage and vandalism are usually not included in a warranty, and for those that do have it, it’ll likely be for an additional cost. 

Best Used Car Warranty Providers UK 2024

These are the most popular used car warranty providers in the UK for 2024:

  • MotorEasy
  • Click4Warranty
  • ALA Insurance
  • The AA
  • Warranty Direct
  • WarrantyWise


MotorEasy is an auto business that offers many different car services, such as GAP insurance and warranty cover. 

MotorEasy is one of the best places to get warranty coverage because you can get a policy that includes wear and tear damage. Usually, this is omitted, meaning MotorEasy can be a great place to get a comprehensive cover. In addition, MotorEasy allows you to get a bundle of their services that includes an MOT and service in addition to a warranty, all for a discounted price. 

Another great thing with MotorEasy is that the business pays the garage directly. This means you don’t have to part with any cash and wait to be reimbursed, which adds extra peace of mind. 

With MotorEasy, you can get a warranty for used cars and new vehicles and even extend an original manufacturer agreement, meanin that there are plenty of options for multiple people. Their cover helps protect you from: 

  • Wear and tear 
  • Failures caused by overheating 
  • Air conditioning problems 
  • Issues found in MOTs and services 
  • Emission failures 
  • Problems with in-car entertainment 
  • Sat-nav issues

If you’re looking for complete coverage and services for your car, then MotorEasy is one of the best places on the internet.

MotorEasy Car Warranty Reviews

On Trustpilot, MotorEasy has an excellent score of 4.7 stars out of 5. This makes it one of the most liked warranty providers in the industry. Trustpilot is one of the most used and respected review websites online, so this score accurately reflects how the business performs. 

However, it’s important to note that MotorEasy is an auto business that provides multiple car services, with warranties being just one of the things they provide. This means that their reviews also include feedback on their other products, meaning that this 4.7 score may not be entirely accurate for just its warranties. 

That said, because the business has over 8,000 reviews, it has a large enough sample size for its review score to be respected. It also means that its score is more unlikely to be influenced by fake reviews, meaning that users can trust this score. 

Out of all the people that left reviews, 83% gave MotorEasy a 5-star review, with an additional 11% giving it a positive 4-star review. This percentage of praise and satisfaction demonstrates that MotorEasy will likely be a warranty provider that people like and get a good service from. 

Only 4% gave MotorEasy a 1-star review, meaning that just 300 people out of the thousands that left reviews were unhappy with the service. That’s a good ratio and is a significant reason why MotorEasy comes highly recommended. 

MotorEasy Common Praises

When looking at the positive reviews for MotorEasy, you’ll find a lot of common praises that indicate what MotorEasy does exceptionally well. This is useful to look at as it can let potential buyers better anticipate what the service will be like. 

One praise that you’ll find is that the claim process for a warranty is typically easy to do and is pain-free, with the team responding quickly and finding a solution to claims rapidly. People also liked how the business will organise repairs with a local garage so that it’s easier for the customer to get their car repaired.

Another bit of praise was for how the business keeps you well informed and up-to-date about the progress of your repairs. This can be a welcome bonus for situations where the repairs may take a long time, as it gives you peace of mind that your vehicle is being worked on and looked after. 

MotorEasy Common Complaints 

Although MotorEasy has a limited number of negative reviews, there are still a few common complaints you can find in these. It’s worth looking at what past customers thought was wrong about the service because it allows potential customers to weigh the positives and negatives. 

A common complaint is that MotorEasy can be very thorough and strict when checking to see if your vehicle is eligible for warranty coverage.

Multiple people have reported that the company not only sends your car to be reviewed by numerous mechanics but also sends their private experts to confirm that work needs to be done.

This can be time-consuming, and sometimes, people have had their warranty claim rejected. It’s worth being cautious that many warranty providers, MotorEasy included, will do what they can not to pay out to save them money, so the faults will need to be precise. 

MotorEasy used car warranty pros and cons



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