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Car finance is a popular way for people to get their hands on a car, used or new. Instead of purchasing the vehicle in one large lump payment, car finance allows you to spread the costs over a fixed term, paying off a loan until you eventually own the vehicle. 

There are a lot of car finance lenders, brokers and providers in the UK, so many where it’s hard to find a good option. To help you get the best car finance deal possible, we at Car Adviser think you should consider Quick Car Finance. 

This is a relatively new and exciting company in the car loan industry, and have already garnered a reputation as a quality broker. 

Here’s a more in-depth Quick Car Finance review exploring how they work, what makes them so good, and how others review them online. Here you’ll learn why so many people are turning to this broker as an option when looking for car finance. 

In this guide

Who is Quick Car Finance?

Quick Car Finance is a car finance broker based in the UK, with headquarters in Birmingham and Manchester. Founded by two brothers in 2018, the company has grown quickly to become a significant disruptor in the industry, becoming a major player alongside established brands. 

Quick Car Finance has outperformed what most start-ups in the industry usually do, and in 2020, secured over £90 million worth of finance deals and has maintained that level in recent years too. 

The entire focus of the business is to give those looking for car finance the best experience possible, and it achieves this by offering multiple types of car finance. With Quick Car Finance, you can get Hire Purchases agreements with their vast array of partner dealerships, standard car loans that allow you to buy your car from anywhere, and options for those with bad credit. 

They strive to help customers to get the best car finance deal possible and, based on your application, place you in one of their multiple lender tiers, which dictates the interest rates and fees you’ll pay. This safeguards their customers and ensures they’re always getting the best price.

This is illustrated by how their insurance rates start at just 8.9% APR, which is an excellent rate for those with good credit ratings. As well as this, they also have a representative rate of 19.8%, which is what over half of those who apply can get.

Although new to the game, Quick Car Finance is a finance provider you should consider.

How does Quick Car Finance work?

Quick Car Finance Review

Quick Car Finance is not an individual lender. Instead, they’re a broker that helps you find and choose the lenders you want to get car finance from. They have an extensive network of partner dealerships and lenders to help you find your best choice. So when you finance a car through Quick Car Finance, you’re not getting the vehicle through them but instead are redirected to their partner. They instead manage the process for you. 

To start your search, you need to first complete a short questionnaire. In the questionnaire, you’ll need to give information like where you live, if you’re a homeowner, your employment status, how much you earn, and more. This is done so that the business knows what kind of finance deals to offer you and what APR you should be charged based on your affordability. 

With all that information, Quick Car Finance will put you in one of their finance tiers, which dictates your prices. If, through their affordability questionnaire, you’re seen as having good affordability, you’ll be offered better rates than those with bad credit. 

Once you’ve completed your questionnaire and accepted, you’ll be taken to the car search portal. This is where you can search the marketplace to find your new vehicle. You’ll be shown vehicles closest to your location first, but you can filter the results by specific models, ages, colours, and more. 

Each car listing has detailed pictures of the vehicle from the inside and out, and you’ll also be able to see how much a typical monthly payment will be for a hire purchase. The listing also displays the estimated total cost of the hire purchase, which can help you know what to expect. 

This advertised monthly cost is based on no deposit and for a term of 60 months. You can change it by altering the term length and inputting a depot to help you create a monthly amount that suits you. 

The highest and lowest terms and amounts you can borrow with a car finance plan differ depending on the lender used and the dealer, but on average, your term can last between 24 – 80 months. 

When looking at the cars you like, you can save them so that you can come back to them later, and similar cars to what you’re viewing also appear bottom of the page so that you can compare and find the best for you. 

Once you’ve chosen your car, you need to get a quote directly from the lender. This will occasionally lead to Quick Car Finance calling you to help you through the process. From here, they’ll guide you on what needs to be done. 

What makes Quick Car Finance great?

Quick Car Finance is a quality car finance broker with multiple features that stand out from other options. In addition to their excellent quality service and the array of cars you can get through a finance deal, there are added benefits that you’ll struggle to find with other options. 

One great benefit of Quick Car Finance is that they do all they can to ensure you get a car from a reputable dealer. When you get a Hire Purchase through their site, you can be confident that all the dealers they work with have been vetted. Plus, top-quality dealers will also have a visible badge against their listings so that you can browse in confidence. 

Plus, if you decide to get a car loan and use it to purchase a vehicle from a dealer not featured on the website, a customer service rep will assess and review the dealership to ensure they’re reliable and can be trusted. 

Through this, it’s evident that Quick Car Finance cares a lot about its customers. This is further illustrated by how you’ll have your dedicated account manager, meaning you’ll always speak to the same person when you phone and communicate. This helps create familiarity and provides a better service, as your operative will be familiar with you and your car finance process. 

Another thing that makes Quick Car Finance great is that they tailor their product to all individuals, not just those with good credit scores. With how much more affordable car finance can be when compared to paying a large lump sum upfront, allowing those with bad credit to benefit from this payment method is great and makes the business stand out among its competitors. 

They also do everything they can to ensure you can afford your car finance. In addition to having an eligibility quiz when you start, you can access a handy car finance calculator on the site. Here you can input a few details to work out a plan that suits your budget and needs. 

Finally, another great trait of Quick Car Finance is that when you first get your quote, that offer is valid for 28 days. This allows you to look around and find a better deal. Doing this shows that Quick Car Finance is on the consumer’s side and that they’re confident that you won’t find better prices elsewhere.

Are there any drawbacks to Quick Car Finance?

Quick Car Finance is a fantastic car finance provider, and there’s not much, if anything, wrong with the provider, making it a quote-on-quote ‘bad’ option. With that said, there are a few things about their process that some people in certain circumstances may see as a drawback and may indicate that they’re not right for them. 

One potential issue that can cause a few people a less-than-ideal experience is that their initial affordability check doesn’t guarantee that they’ll get the car finance. The check you need to do when first looking to get a car is basic and doesn’t do a deep dive into your credit history; instead, it just scopes what kind of finance deals you’re most likely to be accepted for. 

Once you find a car and apply for a quote directly, you’ll have a hard credit check to check your credit report. A few people who have passed the initial assessment may fail this proper search, which can be negative and leave a few unhappy. 

That said, if you ensure that you have a good credit score before applying, you should be able to mitigate the risk of this happening to you. 

Another potential drawback of Quick Car Finance is that better ways to get a car may exist. This is a criticism that all car finance providers face. The argument is that because of interest and that you’re paying for the car over a long term, your final amount is more than what the car is worth when paid in full.

For many, this isn’t a massive problem, as the ability to spread the costs is a benefit and makes getting a car more affordable. However, if you want to save as much money as possible, it may be best to save up instead to buy a car all at once.

Quick Car Finance Reviews

No matter how good the features of a business are, it’s always best to check out the reviews a company has obtained online. This lets you get an accurate picture of what it’s like to be a customer.

As past users write reviews, you’ll be able to get information about what it’s like using the business before committing. Doing this lets you know what to expect and can illuminate the areas a company excels and potentially fails in. 

Even though Quick Car Finance looks like a quality car finance broker, it’s best to pay attention to the reviews. Many businesses have obtained good reputations due to quality marketing and past success, but that reputation may not match their current performance. Looking at online reviews allows you to cut through the noise and understand the business accurately. 

That said, you can’t get your reviews from anywhere online. As bots, AI and fake reviews are on the rise, you need to get your reviews from a place you can trust. For accurate and reliable reviews, we recommend using Trustpilot. This is one of the largest online review websites, and it also has many features and security measures to keep fake reviews away. Trustpilot reviews are the most accurate online and make a great place to find out what real people think about businesses. 

When a business like Quick Car Finance registers with Trustpilot, the website will aggregate all its reviews and generate an overall score of five stars based on past feedback. This general score allows you to compare the broker with similar companies. As well as this, you can look at each review individually to see what people are highlighting and talking about. 

Here at Car Adviser, we’ve analysed all the Quick Car Finance reviews to give you the lowdown.  

Quick Car Finance Reviews Score 

Quick Car Finance is one of the best car finance brokers online, and their review score may indicate why. Currently, the business has an overall score of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, making it an excellent company based on Trustpilot rankings.

This average score has been obtained through around 1,130 reviews, which is an extensive enough number to ensure that the overall average score is accurate and reliable. Plus, having a large pool of reviews suggests that many people were so happy with the business that they felt compelled to share their experience. 

Even without context, a score of 4.6 out of 5 is fantastic for Quick Car Finance. However, that score looks even better compared to some leading car finance and loan companies. Some industries have a lower average score than others, meaning that sometimes a low average score can be a sign of a good business if the rest are much lower. When looking at online review scores, it’s all relative to their competitors. 

When looking at the rest of the car finance industry, you’ll find that most companies with over 1000 reviews struggle to get more than a 4-star rating. This means that Quick Car Finance remains one of the highest-rated businesses in its field.  

It’s also worth looking at the spread of the different reviews to determine what most people rate. When looking at Quick Car Finance, you’ll find that an overwhelming 94% of all reviews gave the business five stars, showing how good the service has been. In contrast, only 3% of people have given a one-star review, which out of 1,130 means only 34 people had a bad experience. 

Quick Car Finance Common Praises

To dig even deeper into what you can expect with Quick Car Finance, it’s good to look at some of the more recent positive reviews to see what aspects of the business are often praised. This can let you know what works well and helps you understand what to expect. 

When assessing the positive reviews, you’ll find that most people are happy with customer care and communication when using Quick Car Finance. When you get your quote, you’ll be guided through the process by your own customer rep, who can ensure you get your car quickly and seamlessly. When having to phone the business, many people noted that they were able to speak to the same person each time, 

Another highlight is that many people were impressed with how Quick Car Finance reviews all the potential dealers you’re considering to ensure they’re reputable and of good quality. This shows that the business is looking out for your best interests and wants you to get the best car possible while having a stress-free process. 

Finally, another key highlight that reviewers pointed out is that getting a car through Quick Car Finance was really quick. Most managed to glide through the process, and it only took up to 5 days from application to get a car and start the finance plan. Being this quick took the hassle away from getting a car via finance. 

Quick Car Finance Common Complaints 

Quick Car Finance only has a tiny number of negative reviews, meaning that most people will have a great time using the business. That said, it is worth looking at them to see if any aspects of the company could put you off or be improved. 

When looking at the bad reviews, it’s clear that one specific complaint appears often. This is because many people found they were refused finance despite being accepted initially online. Although this can be frustrating, this is a risk when using any online car finance service. 

When you first sign up with Quick Car Finance, they perform a soft search to see your affordability. Although they ask for details about your income, work history and more, the results from this check are more general and should be seen as an initial screening. 

Once you find a car you like and apply for finance, the lender will complete a hard credit check. This is where they go into your credit history in more detail and can find some things that weren’t identified in the initial search, hence why you’re denied finance at this late stage. 

As long as you have a good credit history and have avoided things like CCJs and bankruptcies, you should be accepted once you apply for car finance.

If you are being denied, Quick Car Finance also works with various lenders that accept bad credit customers, so it may be worth trying those instead. 

Quick Car Finance Pros and Cons

Each business has its fair share of pros and cons. Having a look at both can help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of a company and help you decide if a specific car finance broker is right for you.

Quick Car Finance is a fantastic option in the industry with many positives. Here they are, as well as some negative aspects, allowing you to decide on the business.



quick car finance logo
Customer score

Based on over 1,375 reviews.

Quick Car Finance Review FAQs

Car finance is a form of lending, and you can choose multiple types of car finance. Regardless of the kind, when you get car finance, you're borrowing money to be able to pay for the car and then pay that back in monthly instalments. 

Car finance eliminates the need to save up and lot and pay for a car in one lump sum. Instead, it makes getting a car more affordable as you can pay lower prices each month.

You have multiple options regarding what you do with a deposit with Quick Car Finance. In most cases, you'll be expected to put down at least a 10% deposit, which will help reduce your monthly payments for the rest of the term. 

That said, you can choose to put down more and even decide to put down nothing if you'd prefer not to pay a large lump sum at once. If you want to avoid putting down a deposit, Quick Car Finance has multiple lenders who offer no-deposit options. 

When you get a hire purchase agreement from Quick Car Finance, you're paying down the total cost of the car through monthly payments in addition to any interest. This means you would have fully paid off the car once you've reached the end of your agreed term. 

When you do this, you now become the vehicle owner and can do whatever you want to the vehicle as an owner would. You can sell the car or make cosmetic changes to the vehicle - two things you couldn't do during the hire purchase. 

APR is the annual percentage rate and is basically the extra amount of money you need to pay each year compared to the car's value. For example, if you're getting car finance for a car valued at £6,000 with an APR of 19.8%, you'll have to pay roughly an extra £1,188 each year. 

The above example is a simplified version, too. In reality, interest compounds, which means that interest is added to the previous month's interest. This means that you may have to pay even more. 

When getting your car finance from Quick Car Finance, the cost of APR is included in the fees so that you're always in the know.  

If you're late for repayment, you may be put on a plan with a higher interest in the future, which could increase what you have to pay for the remainder of your term. 

If you continue you miss repayments, you risk the car being repossessed, as you do not technically own the vehicle during the hire purchase. 

You can get a wide array of different vehicles through Quick Car Finance. This is because the business partners will have a lot of different dealerships in the UK. As a result, you can get cars, vans, motorbikes, motorhomes, and caravans. 

When you get your car from Quick Car Finance, you're finalising your deal with one of their partnership dealerships. This means that arrangements of getting your vehicle should be made with them, not Quick Car Finance. 

This means that delivery of your car depends on what dealership you're getting your vehicle from, and in most cases, you will have to collect the car from them. In certain scenarios, Quick Car Finance can assist helping to facilitate delivery of the vehicle instead, but in general, you should expect to pick the car up.

You can get a vehicle from anywhere in the UK mainland if you have a dealership near your address. That said, even if you don't have one close, you can still use the broker if you're willing to travel to collect your vehicle from a dealership further afield.

Once you've completed your initial affordability assessment, you'll get an instant decision and be able to view quotes immediately. This stops you from waiting around and ensures your process is quick. 

Once you find the car you want to finance, the final credit checks are usually completed within a day, meaning you don't have to wait long to get a new car through finance.

You can reduce the amount of your car finance by part exchanging your old car, and it can be an excellent way to help you save money. When you part exchange a car through Quick Car Direct, you can use the value of your current vehicle to pay off any deposits.

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